I have friends Part II

This is it! The final post about Korea! I’m sad just thinking about it..

You’re probably wondering what’s going on in this picture. That’s my friend Jessica and she is lying on that table bed thing to get….eyelash extensions. She asked me to come with her because she needed someone who could speak Korean fluently so the lady knew exactly how she wanted them done.

Now, I personally had my doubts about how different a person could possibly look with longer eyelashes. Sure, good eyebrows can change a person’s face but eyelashes? I was a little skeptical.

But, boy, was I wrong. Seriously these eyelash extensions are beautiful and I was punching myself for not having enough money or time to get this done before I left Korea. Although, I feel like I would do a horrible job with maintenance so perhaps it was for the best that I didn’t get my eyelashes done…

After Jessica got her eyelashes done, we met up with friends in Myeongdong!

But we weren’t there for the shopping. No, not this time. We were in Myeongdong to get pedicures. Specifically, pedicures via fish.

Wait, what??

Okay, so these pictures basically say it all but there are tiny fish called Doctor Fish that eat only dead skin. So you just dunk your feet into a pool with these fish in it and after five minutes, voila, your feet will be as soft as a newborn baby’s butt.

It’s such a weird sensation and, as a super ticklish person, it was very hard to bear initially. Also it’s kind of gross so it’s hard to look directly at the fish when they’re doing their thing…At least it was for me! Some of my friends just couldn’t do it and surrendered after two seconds.

Afterwards, we went to the Han River because it was a beautiful day out. And for once it wasn’t swelteringly hot either! It was probably around 75 degree Fahrenheit rather than 85. The wind was blowing gently so that, by the time we arrived at the river, it was actually almost cold.

There were some students from Seoul National University who were putting on some sort of show. It involved groups dancing, singing, comedic skits, and MCs.

This may be one of my favorite shots of the whole Korea trip. Seriously, Korea can be such a beaut sometimes!

We met up with some of Sally’s friends from back home. Yay for new friends!

I love this photo too ❤

The fella on the right is actually someone I go to school with and we’ve sort of run in the same circles but never really met before that day. Turns out he’s one of Sally’s high school friends! It’s a small world after all~

And that concludes my blog posts about my trip to Korea. I have some amazing memories from this past summer and am glad that I decided to share these memories on this blog! Thanks for reading… More blog posts to come, just not about Korea 🙂

Stay awesome, y’all.

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I have friends

We’re in the home stretch, people! Seriously, I think this may be the second to last post about Korea.

What a terrifying thought. What do I blog about after this??

We’ll worry about that when we get there, I guess. For now, onto the blog post!

My friend Sandra turned one year older so we went out for a quick birthday celebration in the middle of the week, despite the fact (or maybe because of) we all had work to do and exams to study for.

She was so excited about the food she had ordered.

Like, really excited.

Love shot!

But after a quick birthday dinner, some of us had to head back to actually study. Sandra and two others went to…a noraebang, naturally. I think they go at least three times a week! The guy who owns the noraebang knows them all by name.

After a stressful (?) week of school work, a couple of my friends and I decided that a trip to the amusement park was absolutely necessary so we hopped the subway to Lotte World, which is an indoor amusement park in Jamsil (although there is a small outdoor part, which was where we spent most of our time).

We got a bite to eat beforehand in the Lotte Department store that’s right next door to the amusement park.

I got some tteokbokki, which is a popular Korean street food/snack food that is comprise of basically rice cakes, fish cakes, and sweet chili sauce. Super goood and spicy (Sorry about the poor quality photo… Again, phones).

As soon as we stepped into the amusement park, all of my friends whipped out their phones to take panorama shots.

See what I mean by indoor amusement park? It’s kind of cool, really!

There’s even an ice rink at the center!

We were headed outside to meet my friend Sandra when the boys came across one of those dispensers that has the tiny toys/figures in round plastic containers… And they found a Pokemon one and refused to move on until they had each gotten the Pokemon they wanted.

 They each got what they wanted and we were finally able to go onto the outdoor part of the park.

Kind of reminds me a little bit of Disney! Although I haven’t been to Disneyland in years…I think the last time I went I was around 9 years old? I barely remember that trip.. I’d really love to go back now and really experience it and actually have the capacity to remember it!

The lines were so long that day and it was sweltering outside. We played so many weird games while waiting in line (and in English, no doubt) so we got a lot of weird looks from people around us. Don’t hate me cuz you ain’t me, amiright?

We headed back inside after a couple more rides because it was getting dark. We only went on two more rides (I think?) inside the amusement park. One roller coaster called the French Revolution and a Viking ride.


As we were leaving, we decided that we needed a group photo and proceeded to be super candid and not posed at all in front of this mural outside of the park.

But then Sandra moved and stepped on Michael’s hand and chaos ensued…

His hand was okay in the end and we all had a good laugh about it.

We found a random display for frozen but all the figures were turned around for some reason.. But we found Olaf! ❤

And then Michael thought that this wrapped up thing was Elsa.


Hopped on the subway back and instead of going back to the dorms in Sinchon we got off at Hongdae for a bite to eat because we were absolutely ravenous. A couple hours at an amusement park completely sucks the energy out of you!

Benjy and I were sitting on one side of the subway car while these four were on the other side. But they were so excited about whatever they were talking about and very loud in the mostly silent subway car. Benjy and I wanted to say something but we just pretended we didn’t know them hehe..But they got reprimanded by some Korean girl who clearly had one too many drinks. We were pretty silent for the rest of the trip 😐

But I’ve noticed that Americans are, in general, just way louder and rambunctious than Koreans are. Why is that?

Michael was showing us his weird talent of being able to stick a bunch of napkins up his nose. It was so bizarre and gross but also weirdly fascinating.

We left at around two in the morning and came across one of those machines where you use the claw to get a doll or some toy…What are those called again? I’m totally brain farting because I know that I know the word! Anyway, in our state of semi-delirium (from exhaustion), we decided that we would not leave until we got something out of this machine.

We did not succeed. We did not acquire a Stitch doll and it was a sad moment for us all.

So my friends nursed their wounded souls by eating more. And being the Americans that we are, as soon as we saw the shining glorious sign that is the Taco Bell logo, we were sold.

Like I said, delirious. Also, here is Julie again in front of an A/C vent (with guest feature Michael)

So that’s all for this post! Stay awesome, y’all.

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Ocean Blues

This is going to be a long post. You have been warned!

Our trip to Busan started off at my dad’s apartment just south of Seoul. We decided to start there because we wanted to beat the morning traffic out of Seoul down to Busan (because summer vacation had just started for all the Korean students that week too).

Korea has some of the best highway rest stops known to mankind so obviously we had to stop at one.

There are specific foods that for some reason just taste better at rest stops. My favorite rest stop food in Korea is definitely something called ho-doo gwaja, which translated means walnut cookie in English. But don’t be fooled! While there are some little pieces of walnut in it, it’s a red bean filled bread-like thing that’s about the size of a donut hole. It’s called a ho-doo gwaja mostly because it’s made in a mold that makes it look like an unshelled walnut!

Anyway, moving on. My mom is one of those people who really likes to visit historical sites like temples and palaces. Personally, I’d rather see the actual place and people watch. For example, when we were in Paris, my mom would not rest until we went to the Palace of Versailles while I wanted to just sit at a cafe all day and take photos of passerby while drinking coffee.

But my mother is relentless when she decides she wants to do something so we ended up visiting a Buddhist temple that overlooked the ocean. It was nice to see the ocean so I guess it wasn’t all that bad 🙂

All the tourists were there…including us, obviously.

I love this picture of the temple roof. So elaborate and colorful!

After one final look at the ocean, we finally went to check into our hotel. I didn’t take any pictures of the hotel because, really, it was just a place where we were sleeping. It wasn’t actually a hotel. It was actually an apartment unit that someone had rented out to us (which is technically illegal I think but shhh).

We then headed out to a nearby fish market (naturally) for a seafood filled lunch.

I would include pictures of the food but, to be perfectly honest, the food wasn’t that pretty because it was just a market place and they aren’t too concerned with food presentation.

We wandered around for a bit to get the digestive juices working but, unfortunately, the weather was not on our side that day (actually for the whole trip but I will get to that later). So naturally we decided to walk twice the distance we came to a hotel at the other end of the beach for some dessert.

(It’s the hotel by that little hill in the center of the photo)

Soaked, covered in sand, and with aching feet, we sat down at the fancy hotel cafe and ordered some very overpriced patbingsoo, which I didn’t take a picture of because everyone dug in before I could take the lens cap off my camera -__-

These ladies on the left were having a legit tea party, with the tiered trays of itty bitty sandwiches and desserts. I was a little bit jealous but one day I will have proper tea.

My beautiful parents ❤

Afterwards, we braved the weather and decided to take a hike around the hill behind the hotel. I had already been on this hike once with my dad when I went to Busan last summer so I didn’t take as many photos…I’ll include some that I took last summer along with some I took this year!

Then, it really started pouring. Luckily, it was after our hike so we ducked into a nearby cafe for some coffee and (more) dessert. I mean the whole point of vacations is to eat, am I right?

Honeybread! This was so good… I could not wrap my mind around how absolutely delicious this was.

Just a huge hunk of impossibly soft white bread with a toasted crunchy exterior. Powdered sugar, drizzled with honey with sliced almonds sprinkled on top. With side of whipped cream and a cup of vanilla ice cream.

So. Gewd.

If you couldn’t tell from the photo, the weather was absolutely nutso. Pouring rain, thunder, and some awesome looking but probably dangerous waves. So that narrowed down what we could do that day to only indoor activities.

So, we went to an aquarium.

These dolphins were so playful,  I couldn’t stop watching them!

They were also filming something for a TV program that day so that was cool.

After, we decided to go for some dinner at a Korean pancake place that my dad and I had gone to and loved last summer! Also, Koreans love eating Korean pancakes and drinking makgeolli (Korean rice wine) on rainy days.

So, naturally…

WE DRANK! Cheers to the last night in Busan.

Don’t worry, my brother and I are old enough to drink in Korea 😉

Afterwards, we went to another place for dinner round two. As if we hadn’t been pigs enough already today.

While I didn’t take any pictures of this, we went to a noraebang after and sang our hearts out. The perfect end to a perfect family vacation…Minus the weather.

Stay awesome, y’all.

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Down by the River

As the title implies, we went to the river. More specifically, the Han River. Even more specifically, to see the bridge light show that they show every night at set intervals.

And so began our journey… On the subway. As they usually do.

My friend Julie literally would search for an A/C vent anytime we stopped. Here she is in her natural and comfortable habitat: underneath an A/C vent.

Psst. Follow me on Instagram! xtini.jpg 😉

We meandered around for a little bit after coming out of the subway…But actually we were lost and couldn’t agree on which direction to go so we decided upon the most inefficient compromise and wandered in every direction.

But we found it eventually~

We decided to order food because we were all starving and had all been waiting very patiently to eat at the river. There were bakeries and convenience stores in the subway and every time we had to transfer lines we would smell a whiff of freshly baked bread and would have to exercise all our self-control to not eat the whole bakery.

We were all very animated when ordering the food. I think it took us twice as long to order because, again, we couldn’t compromise and decide what we wanted to eat. In the end, I think we got everything each of us wanted because, when in Korea, why the hell not?

There was a show before this one but I didn’t take pictures of that one because it didn’t look quite as pretty. Actually, to be completely honest, the show was quite underwhelming…I think I had very high expectations for it for some reason. But the pictures came out nice so here y’all go!

We had the pizza/chicken deliveryman take this extra-touristy picture for us.




We are monsters. Absolutely terrifying how quickly we ate that food. We are totally unashamed.

One last photo of the river, which was being extra beautiful and photogenic~

But then we had to go to the bathroom, which was in this very curiously shaped building that was floats in the river…

It’s has a CNN (?) cafe, an Italian restaurant, and some other food-related things that I can’t remember.

By the time we made it back to Sinchon it was about half past eleven. None of us were really that tired and we all felt that it wasn’t right to end the night then (also, none of us wanted to do our homework).

So, naturally, we went to…NORAEBANG! (aka Korean karaoke)

I was never a huge fan of Korean karaoke (despite the fact that I love singing) because I always thought my voice sounded weird through a microphone and was embarrassed to sing in front of others. But this particular outing changed my mind about that completely! I honestly had the best time and my voice was absolutely gone by the time we were done.

Anyway, that’s all for this post. Short and sweet post, right?

Next post will be a bit longer because it’s going to be about my family trip to Busan so keep an eye out for that! Stay awesome, y’all!

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What a night…

Wow, it has been far too long since my last post! Sorry, everyone! It’s been a crazy month so far back at school and everything, which I will inevitably post about but later on. But I haven’t finished talking about Korea yet! Yeah, I know it was a couple of months ago but give me some credit, people..I remember it all like it was just yesterday 🙂

So a week into my program I was introduced to this bar in Korea. There are a couple like it (actually, I think this particular bar was a chain…at least in the Sinchon area) but I became uber friendly with the people who worked at this particular bar so I kept coming back every weekend! Plus, only 15,000 Won (~$14) for unlimited cocktails and shots!! This was great for my wallet, but obviously horrible for my liver.

Disclaimer: Some of the following photos from the bar were taken by a phone, hence the poor quality. I apologize in advance ><


What? We were not inebriated when we took this picture. Absolutely not.

They showed us some tricks. Show-offs..


I feel like I’m very easily impressed. I was literally shrieking with excitement when this happened.

We hopped over to a different bar after and found this gem of a bathroom.

It has two toilets in it. But why, Korea? Why?

And then we ended up at a very hot (like literally was sweating like no one’s business…but also very hot in the sense that it’s popular too) club in Gangnam, Club A. There were so many Yonsei people there but thankfully one of my friends was able to get my friends and I VIP access to the VIP floor. That floor was definitely less crowded but I preferred dancing and sweating my ass off on the dance floor. That’s where you’ll find me at any party or club!

There was a super sexy bathroom with lots of mirrors so we took it upon ourselves to take a mirror selfie.

And then afterwards we came back to the dorm and raided the convenience store on the first floor for post-party ramen. Why does junk food always taste better after alcohol???

It was around four in the morning when we got back and I stayed up until six in the morning skyping my best friend who was back in the States. What. A. Night. Truly.

I’ll end the post here but I’m going to write the next one right now and queue it. I just felt that this post needed to be just one post about this one great night. Stay awesome, y’all.

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Sticker pics, Nitrogen ice cream, and Cicadas

Myeongdong is a very popular shopping area in Seoul. There are lots of clothing stores, novelty stores, CD stores, restaurants, street food carts, and shit tons upon shit tons of people. Especially at night. And this was on a weeknight too!

I went with my roommate at the Yonsei International Summer School program, along with her friend and one of our guy friends.

If you look in the background, past my friend’s very curious facial expression, you can see the Namsan tower in the distance. I haven’t been to that particular tourist spot in forever and really hope to make it there at some point during my stay in Korea. But I can’t decide if it’s better to go during the day or at night… Hm, decisions, decisions!

We came back around to Sinchon around 9PM and my friends refused to go back without getting some ice cream first. So naturally we went into the first ice cream cafe we saw and they sat down with a bucket of gelato/sherbet.

The A/C in that particular ice cream establishment was ridiculous. Does anyone else believe that myth that if you expose yourself to hot and cold back and forth repeatedly, you’ll catch a cold. I don’t know where I first heard that but, if any bit of that were true, I’d have caught the worst cold in the universe by now because I go back and forth between ice cold buildings and the humid, hot death hole that Korea is way too frequently.

Anyway, a couple days letter I met up with a few Korean friends from back in Michigan at Gangnam station for some chicken and beer! That wonderful, strange looking orb is the most awesome beverage dispenser ever. I need it in my life.

We ordered pa-dak (which is fried chicken with green onions on top).

and yang-nyum chicken (which is fried chicken with a sweet, tangy sauce glazed all over).

We didn’t go too crazy that night since one of my friends had to work the next day and I had classes in the morning. It was a bit too short but still very nice to see some familiar faces in Korea!

I went back to Myeongdong that weekend with my brother and mama because mama wanted to shop a bit and my brother…Well, he really had only one reason he wanted to go and that was for the famous tornado potato.

Basically, some Korean street vendors have a machine that will spiral out a raw potato onto a long skewer, which they then deep-fry like a french fry. Sometimes they’ll just serve it with a bit of salt but the one my brother bought was seasoned with a cheese powder.

He was super pleased with himself and his snack.

Mama got one too but hers had a hot dog sausage in the middle. Naturally, I took a bite of both and have to say that I much preferred the tornado potato made of just potato (although the cheese powder was just too fake and chemical-y for my liking).

After walking around a bit, we became exhausted of having to navigate the packed pathways inside the shopping area and decided to take sticker pictures instead. My brother adamantly refused to take ‘girly’ sticker pictures at first but, after coaxing him into the store and taking the pictures, he was the one that enjoyed editing the pictures the most.

Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it, kids! You might really like it…Just saying.

Fast-forward to the next weekend…

What is that you ask?

That, friend, is a ton katsu with sweet potato mousse on top. Now, as weird and sort of gross as that sounds, I liked it since I like both ton katsu and sweet potato. Granted, if you do not like one or either of these things (although I don’t know why you wouldn’t like them), then I would steer clear.

This was a curry ton katsu. Double thumbs up. Also, am I the only one that prefers Korean curry over Thai or Indian curry? I don’t know why… It just fits my taste buds better?

Very scientific answer, I know.

Chicken katsu…

This was a cheese ball katsu…

Basically a deep fried ball of cheese. How could one possibly go wrong with that??

After a katsu filled lunch, my family and I decided that dessert was in order. We were in Hongdae and I had seen a nitrogen ice cream place on one of my favorite Korean food shows and kicked and screamed (just kidding!! I am way more mature than that… Yeah) to go there. Basically they make the ice cream right in front of you by blasting the ingredients with liquid nitrogen. Which is awesome.


I’ve had better tasting ice cream in my day but STILL the novelty of nitrogen ice cream was enough to make me a very happy camper.

We found a gazebo area to eat our ice cream and relax for a bit.

I did not find the whole experience very relaxing though because the cicadas were so damn loud. Honestly, it sounded like we were sitting right below a gigantic herd of them.

So mama Oh went to look for them, naturally.

After basking in the heat for a bit longer (and listening to the cicadas scream at us), we decided that round two of desserts was in order. So we stopped in at a random patbingsoo place nearby and, my god, I have found my new favorite patbingsoo place.

And, let me tell you, I do not say things like that lightly. This is serious business.


My brother was pleased.


And I will end on that note. Stay awesome, y’all!

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All in the Family

So we went on a family vacation to Cheongpyeong! I don’t remember the last time this happened… Actually, come to think of it, this may be the first time the family’s all gone on vacation together. And I’m not talking about mama, papa, and brosky Oh only. I’m referring to grandmama, grandpapa, my aunt, uncle, and two cousins from my dad’s side of the family. ‘Twas all sorts of wonderful~

Super thrilled obviously.

So we rented out a pension for the trip and it was a beaut. Mostly white, huge windows, a perfect view of the lake outside… I want to own a pension like this one day ha!

Only the best view from the roof of the pension!

Complete with adorable selfie-taking parents

Now the parents were wiped out from the road trip here but we kiddies were more than ready to get started with the water activities. Banana boats, wakeboarding, etc.

Of course it turns out my brother is a natural at wakeboarding. Very few of us were surprised by this though (although our instructor was a different story).

Then, exhausted from splashing around in the water, we decided to wrap it up and recharge our energy with some righteous, proper Korean BBQ.

There is not better way to refuel, really.

Some quality father-son bonding over grilling.

I am super happy about food. That’s my happy face.

But really this was my favorite part…Cheese grilled in aluminum to perfection.

I am thoroughly convinced that God blessed this cheese himself.

I didn’t get many photos of the second day of water fun activities but on the way home we stopped by a little village thing where many Korean TV shows and Kdramas have been filmed, including My Love from the Stars, Beethoven Virus, Running Man, etc.

Beautiful mom is beautiful.

New fashion trend: wearing sunglasses upside down. Personally, I think he looks like an ant but to each their own~

My parents like to embarrass me by being dorky tourists. There were a lot of people in this main area, which some people may recognize from the dramas/shows I listed above.

That fan is no longer with us..RIP fan 😦

Next update is coming soon! Stay awesome, y’all~

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Random July Happenings Pt I

This last month has been absolutely insane. So much has happened and I’ve been consumed by classes, meeting new people, family shenanigans, et cetera et cetera. It’s been amazing, despite the unbearable humidity and heat that is inevitable in Korea at this time of year, and I’m sad to be going back to America next Monday. At the same time, however, I’ve missed home and can’t wait to be heading back to school!

Anyway, I think I’ll just post the photos I took during the month of July in parts and explain what’s going on…I don’t know if there’s a better way to do this so please bear with me!

First, here is a picture of an adorable dog.

That is my cousin’s dog and he is adorable but also very feisty. Super feisty.

Anyway, here are some food porn shots of foodie things I ate at the end of June and beginning of July. The first couple of shots are from a dinner I had with my grandma and aunts from my mama’s side of the family.

And then these next couple of photos are from a gastropub I went to with papa Oh, my aunt, and my uncle (from my papa’s side of the family). I’ve seriously fallen in love with beer after being in Korea because honestly there is nothing better than a cold beer on a hot, muggy day…especially in Korea. So obviously I had the beer sampler.

Definitely a fan of lighter beers. Darker beers have a weird aftertaste that I can’t get past. Maybe it’ll grow on me but until then..

Ricotta cheese salads are my new obsession. Melt-in-your-mouth, uber-rich God-sent goodness.

But really my true cheese love is brie. You can’t deny true love.

Like this brie walnut pastry type situation. I’m sure there’s a better, more sophisticated word for it.

And more beer. Also, that is papa Oh in the back.

And then obviously we had to go for dessert right after.

Affogatos are everything I need in my life after a meal: ice cream and coffee.

And then a couple days later it was my uncle’s birthday! I was staying at their place for two weeks until I moved into the dorms at Yonsei University so I was there for the incredible breakfast feast that my aunt put together.

And then we had a variety of cakes afterwards…but the real star of the show was the crepe cake. I might have seen the face of God after taking a bite of that cake. It was an ethereal, unreal experience. Sort of like a religious revelation.

Hello, beautiful.

One of the last things I did before I moved into the dorms at Yonsei University was go to the art museum that is literally a ten minute walk away from my aunt’s apartment. I’ve been meaning to go to this museum since I came to Korea in 2011 but never really got around to doing that…even though it was right there. I know, I know.

But I went this time! I didn’t take any pictures other than the one above inside but here are some shots I took outside of the museum.

Weather was beautiful that day. It was sunny and warm, but not super muggy like usual.

I’ve always been curious as to what Turkish ice cream tasted like…Does it taste like normal ice cream? Is it cold? I don’t understand how Turkish ice cream works. Weirdly enough, I’ve only seen Turkish ice cream in Korea! I wonder if it’s popular in the US too?

And then I moved into the dorms at Yonsei University! The first couple of days I hung out mostly with my roommate and her best friend from back in the states…(I don’t know why they didn’t room together though?)

And then we met some new people… The obvious next step was to go get Korean fried chicken and beer (called 치맥 or chimaek in Korea) and then Noraebang (노래방 or Korean Karaoke) hardcore right after.

There is something magical about Korean fried chicken that I cannot put my finger on. And then that magic is multiplied by a thousand by pairing it with cold beer. I like the original kind the best, with no sauce. I feel like the sauce makes it less crunchy.

I think this was the second time I’ve ever been to a Noraebang and, to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of it. But I have now been to Noraebang a couple more times and have definitely warmed up to it. It takes a while to get comfortable singing in front of others but really no one judges (or at least they shouldn’t!).

I’ll be posting part II sometimes probably this weekend. Unfortunately, as I am in Korea to take classes, I have finals this week so I will be totally consumed by that. Stay awesome, y’all.

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Let the good (Hongdae) times roll

Hongdae during the day

My cousin attends Hongik University…aka Hongdae.

The college town surrounding Hongdae is very well known for being chock full of young people and for its incredible night life. Seriously, Hondae during the day and Hongdae at night are completely different towns.

Hongdae at night…

I went during the day this time for some lunch and shopping. I have to go back to Hongdae by myself soon to get some real shopping in..I can never shop to my heart’s content when I’m with other people because I feel like I’m wasting their time! Anyway, we walked around a bit with my cousin as our guide.

The restaurant we were originally planning on going to was closed (it was Sunday) so we had to scrounge around for a different restaurant to go to. We ended up going to this pasta/donkatsu place nearby.

Snow donkatsu! I think that’s what it was called…If that is what they called it the name is super fitting.

Salad udon dish. I promise there are noodles underneath all that foliage.



 I regret nothing.

And of course no meal is complete without a teeny bit of dessert afterwards, right?

So pistachio and dark chocolate gelato it was. So. Very. Good.

If you’re ever in Seoul, go to Hongdae.

Doesn’t matter when, just go! You will have a good time, guaranteed!

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I am the worst blogger ever

And I actually thought I’d be better at it this time too! Obviously I’ve tried to blog in the past but to no particular avail as I was (and clearly still am) too scatterbrained to be good at this. But I guess practice makes perfect, right? Riiight.

Well, here are some pictures I did not post from before my departure to return to the motherland. Just a mishmash of pictures of Mother’s Day dinner, visits to my high school, and other bits and pieces. Enjoy!

Dazed and Confused

Mother’s Day dinner Pt. I

Mother’s Day dinner Pt II

I should be on Master Chef, yeah? I’d fare well, right? Oh, absolutely.

During our five mile walk…

My brother could not go the distance

So, I love going on super long walks around my neighborhood and once my brother volunteered to come along (brave soul, he is) and, needless to say, it will be a long time before he comes along again willingly.

Breakfast noms


Picnic at my old high school

Melon and proscuitto is a combination sent from the gods. If you have not tried this combination yet, you have wasted far too much of your life with subpar food combinations and demand that you try this now.

Cat nap

The outdoor theatre at my school

Revisiting my old high school made me realize how great it is… Makes me all nostalgic and weepy (jk…well about the weepy part at least).

Anyway, now about my time so far in Korea. To be fair, the first two weeks I spent here were too boring to blog about. I stayed at my aunt’s house in Bangbaedong until I could move into SK Global House on June 26th. I ate things, I watched Korean TV like it was my job, I worked out, I went to an oriental doctor/chiropractor (which is truly not for the faint of heart…I found out the hard way *cries/dies a little*).

But I did go to some nice restaurants here and there so let the food commentary and photos commence!

So this place is called I Have a Dream and is in Gangnam…I know, weird name. But Koreans have this bizarre penchant for naming things in English even when it doesn’t really make sense or even when it’s weird. It almost makes me think they do it on purpose because it’s just so ingrained in Korean modern culture/restaurant business model.

This is a forced happy picture of me. I was grumpy because I had been hungry all day. Hangry.

But then the food arrived and everything was okay.

Seafood cream pasta in some weird but fascinating serving dish that my cousin and I could not stop gaping over. It basically looks like an angel food cake baking dish and then there’s a fire in the middle… Assumedly to keep the food warm, although I am skeptical about as to whether it really had any real purpose other than to amuse and impress customers.

But this is what we really came for…Strawberry pizza!

Which, admittedly, did not taste as good as we had anticipated. Basically it tasted like a strawberry flavored pancake with lots of icing sugar and strawberry preserves on top. If that’s your sort of thing, go for it. But truthfully, I’ve had much better dessert pizzas than this….


Seriously love Korea. Will post more food later. Am very tired and must get beauty sleep before class tomorrow.

Farewell, friends.

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